About MediaWrite, LLC

MediaWrite, LLC Headquarters MediaWrite, LLC designs and manufactures its own line of LCD custom video brochures for B2B sales, video marketing, product announcements, special invitations and many other uses. We can ship video brochures to your door within *72 hours.

MediaWrite, LLC also offers photographic, film and video production services. We also offer aerial drone and 3d animation services through our VAR (Value Added Reseller) network based on customer location and individual VAR qualifications. Contact MediaWrite™, LLC for more information.

Meet the Team

Our team of experts have extensive backgrounds and experience in electronics, packaging engineering, qualtiy control, print, video, and graphic design.

Lloyd Wickett - CEO

After graduation, Lloyd became a Kmart/Sears district manager and purchasing agent for almost 38 years. He ran stores in all divisions including Kmart and Sears during their prime. He traveled regularly to Italy, Hong Kong, and southeast Asia to purchase goods totaling 4.6 billion dollars in sales. Lloyd went from district manager for 28 stores to region operations manager for 487 stores while purchasing product for over 3600 stores.

Lloyd's responsibilities also included PR and employee motivation. Lloyd believes that honesty and integrity are the basis for all sound business practices and brings these values to MediaWrite™.

Dale O'Dell - Product Manager

Dale has strong management, sales, printing and electronics experience – a very appropriate skill set. He has worked with some of the largest corporations in the world including; Century 21, Amway, Lever Brothers, Proctor & Gamble, Re/Max, ColdWell Banker, Lysol, Publix, Kroger, Mr Muffler, and Korex Corporation to mention a few. He has developed several commercial software apps, web apps and mobile apps. He has also designed and built hundreds of personal computers.

More recently he developed the first dynamic and redirectable QR code generator. The unique codes when scanned off a video brochure by a smart phone allow the user to share it across social networks, download it to their device, GEO track the brochure's location, bookmark a URL, instantly launch a custom app or game and more.

Lee Lake - Production Manager

Lee has over 25 years of retail and customer service experience. This includes office supply, print shop management, store management, inventory control and operations.

Lee manages printing, die-cutting and assembly operations and often oversees shipping and handling.

Jim Horian - Logistics

Jim runs MediaWrite's logistics team and is responsible for all purchasing, scheduling and shipping. His multi-lingual team insure proper communications necessary for efficient and expedient scheduling and shipping.

Ed Clement - DOP

Ed has been a major presence in the commercial imaging industry for 30+ years. He has worked with multi-national corporations such as; Ford Motor Co. Ramada Inns of America, Eastman Kodak, Hilton Hotels and Hertz.

Ed'skill set includes corporate photography and broadcast media.

Manufacturing & Development

Video Brochure Manufacturing

Unlike our competitors who act as brokers, MediaWrite™ actually manufactures and assembles video brochures here in the US allowing us to offer custom, full-bleed video brochures print and shipped in 72 hours or less (some restrictions apply).

Video QR Code Technology

MediaWrite™ developers invented the dynamic QR code technology necessary to share video via Video QR codes and has been delivering it to its clients for over 4 years. The proprietary technology allows unique viral sharing of video off each video brochure allowing it to be shared on social networks, Geo-tracked or to launch mobile applications capable of delivering instant coupons, give-aways, videos games and custom apps - instantly!

Our MediaWrite™ generic and sample video brochures can be shipped within 24 hours and feature full-bleed, custom print 7" video modules w/2GB memory! Check out our Video Brochure Gallery for ideas. Contact a MediaWrite Dealer today for more information.

Mobile App Development

MediaWrite, LLC develops mobile apps for large corporations who require advanced QR code functionality for their video brochures. Typical applications include coupon delivery, video sharing, social networking and video brochure tracking just to mention a few.

By using MediaWrite's dynamic and redirectable video QR codes, you can share and social network your video by scanning them using your smartphone. When combined with our mobile apps, you can provide instant coupons, memberships, video sharing, tracking and much more.

Our Business Model

We remain focused on our core product and strive to insure the highest quality video brochures available. We are constantly improving technology and features, and are 100% committed to remaining the industry leader.

About Quality Control

MediaWrite, LLC quality controls the print, electronics, batteries, memory, and LCD displays before shipping product to its resellers or corporate partners. Our resellers also provide an additional layer of quality control when loading their video to each unit before final customer delivery.

Contact MediaWrite™

MediaWrite, LLC is located in Southwest Florida and available Mon - Fri, 9:00am to 5:00pm (EST). You can contact us here.

For consumer level questions or for purchases, please Locate a Dealer or Contact Us directly.

*Restrictions apply - call for details.

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