Mail House Service

Kelly Services Video Brochure Our mail house services eliminate unnecessary costs associated with double shipping and handling for direct mail video brochure pieces.

We can custom design and build gift boxes, specially fitted shipping containers and custom die-cut foam. Plus you gain from our shipping expertise and on our wholesale buying power of quality packaging mailers and other shipping materials.

Benefits of Mail House Services

Our mail house services will:

  • Lower your shipping costs
  • Expedite delivery to your customers
  • Reduce damage from double handling
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Provide wholesale pricing for bubbler mailers and Jiffy Rigi™ outer packs
  • Eliminate double packaging and shipping material waste
  • Provide professionally printed shipping labels
  • Blind ship at no extra fee (if requested)

How Mail House Services Save You Money

All shipping fees are transparent to you. Your credit card on file will be charged the actual shipping fee (plus a 3% transaction fee). Since we do not profit from mail house services, you are insured the best possible rate that USPS supplies.

Your cost is only $2 per unit for direct mailings and includes labels, handling and our attractive white protective bubble mailers placed inside of Jiffy Rigi™ packs for maximum protection. For larger mailings (6+) there is a flat $5.90 fee per package for materials and handling. For very larger orders of 250+ units, please call MediaWrite, LLC for pricing.

Pre-negotiated Pricing for Small Runs

Save time and money by taking advantage of our purchasing agreement on quantities of 500+ video brochure orders spread apart in to small custom print runs. Instead of paying higher prices based on current MediaWrite Retail Pricing, you may be able elgible for pre-negotiated pricing. Please call MediaWrite, LLC for details.

Note: Credits are never applied toward blanket orders regardless of shipment size or number of shipments.

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