New LCD Video Brochures

November 2015

MediaWrite, LLC of Fort Myers, FL, is now locally manufacturing their new hand-held, instant-play LCD video brochures custom print and shipped within 72 hours.

What is an LCD Video Brochure?

Hand-held video brochures play instantly when opened. Internet connections are not required, so users are not subjected to delays or competitor ads. They can hold 2 hours of video and are loaded and charged using the supplied USB cable. MediaWrite's popular 7” LCD brochure is smaller, lighter and thinner than an iPad Mini and a whole lot less expensive.

Why Video Brochures are Important

Companies are budgeting more video production dollars to reach the increasing number of YouTube and social network users. Video advertising is much more effective than conventional advertising and marketing specialists know it. A single minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words and according to MediaWrite's CBO, Mr. O'Dell, his company's video brochures, for the first time, allow advertisers to put that video directly in to their prospect's hands – with 100% certainty it's viewed.

Some Interesting Video Statistics

Video Brochures vs. Tablets

According to Mr. O'Dell, branded video brochures allow companies to market to toddlers, seniors and less technically savvy individuals and those without computers or tablets. They're more convenient, faster, do not contain sensitive information, they weigh less and can be mailed anywhere in U.S. for around $3.

Unlike tablets, salespeople can create video brochure “leave-behind campaigns” for second chance pick-up appointments with prospects. They're also unlikely to get tossed creating re-usability savings, said O'Dell.

According to Mrs. Brundage of Deangelis Diamond, a SW Florida Construction firm. “We won a $50 million bid for the SW Florida International Airport FAA tower using them as a leave-behind that put us over the top!”. The Port Authorities were so impressed and were allowed to keep them as non-gift items. Our competitor's tablets didn't have a chance, said Mrs. Brundage.

About MediaWrite, LLC's Team

MediaWrite CEO, Lloyd Wickett, a previous Kmart & Sears executive, has traveled the world including southeast Asia to purchase goods exceeding $4.5 billion dollars in annual sales.

MediaWrite CBO, Dale O'Dell, has extensive career experience in electronics, software development, product design, packaging engineering, quality control and management. He has worked with Amway, IBM Digital, The Goodwill Foundation, Coldwell Banker, Lever Brothers, Proctor & Gamble, Publix, Krogers, Century 21 and others.

Mr. Horian's multilingual logistics team is in charge of purchasing, scheduling and shipping for offshore components and large runs when overseas manufacturing is required. We communicate with our manufacturing facilities on a daily basis and travel to southeast Asia many times a year, said Mr. Horian.

Made in the USA?

According to Mr. Wickett. “Several delivery issues and costs typical with large volume offshore purchasing is minimized by printing and building here in the U.S. We have less communication errors, Home Land Security inspections, U.S. Customs delays, lost wire transactions and shipping damage but still depend on our logistics team for component purchasing and large overseas runs“.

According to Mr. Horian. “Our multilingual team, makes it easy to communicate with offshore suppliers when we need components, or to produce very large runs”.

MediaWrite has its own in-house, large format printing, scoring and cutting equipment and can produce up to 250 full-color video brochures a day and can ship them within 72 hours.

What Will the Future Bring?

Mr. O'Dell said he believes as automation improves and as prices fall, his company's brochures will be as mainstream tomorrow as print brochures are today, and with just as many (or more) uses.

We get video brochure orders every week for use in sales & service, product launches, architectural proposals, black-tie invitations, medical procedures, commercial real estate, philanthropy, portfolios and more, said Mr O'Dell.

View the MediaWrite Video Brochures Demo

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