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Deangelis Diamond

Deangelis Diamond Video Brochure
Deangelis Diamond LCD Cover Deangelis Diamond Video Brochure
Volume Down Volume Up Play/Pause *Brochure rendered from customer's actual artwork (audio omitted).
We won the bid! A $50 million FAA Tower at SW Int. Airport and our video brochures used as a leave behind put us over the top. Thank you!!! - B. J. Brundage - Director of Development
Century 21 Sunbelt Video Brochure
Century 21 Sunbelt LCD Cover Century 21 Sunbelt Video Brochure
Volume Down Volume Up Play/Pause *Click the Play button to control the video.
We're always first with techonology and our customers know it! These are great for gated community previewing and acquiring estate listings. - Barbara Watt - Broker/Owner
Express Employment Pros Video Brochure Express Employment Video Brochure
Express Employment LCD Cover Express Employment Video Brochure
Volume Down Volume Up Play/Pause *Click the Play button to control the video.
Video brochures as sales collateral is awesome for getting your message in front of decision makers when they're too busy to meet or unavailable. -Tom Dubois - Sales Manager
Priority Marketing Video Brochure

Did You Know?

MediaWrite Video Brochures™ have a portfolio (slideshow) mode. Simply drag and drop your jpg, png or gif images from your PC's hard disk to your pictures folder located on your video brochure.

You images will automatically size to fit the screen of your video brochure and they will automatically play.

The portfolio mode is perfect for real estate and similar industries that require only still images.

Priority Marketing LCD Cover Priority Marketing Video Brochure
*Brochure rendered from customer's actual artwork (video omitted).
Communication is the key, which is something that video brochures do so well ... Comunicate. Our customers love these! - Kim Barerra - Production Manger
Creative Bulldog Video Brochure
Creative Bulldog LCD Cover Creative Bulldog Video Brochure
Volume Down Volume Up Play/Pause Creative Bulldogn Video Brochure w/Spot UV.
Creativity is my business and everything my company does has to be over and above the norm. That starts by using clever and creative marketing. - Alex Serrano - CEO
Multi-Vision Video Brochure

Charging Your Video Brochure

All MediaWrite Video Brochures™ come with their own USB charging cable which is also used to copy video and image files to your brochure.

Our video brochures will stay charged for several months when not in use.

Multi-Vision LCD Cover Multi-Vision Video Brochure
*Brochure rendered from customer's actual artwork (video omitted).
I give my customers the ultimate way to view their video while making an impact. Clients never fail to drop their jaw when handed a video brochure. - Robert Berkowitz - CEO

Video Brochure Specifications

Your video brochures can be ordered with either 4.3", 7" or 10" LCD screens. Buttons are standard but not required and include chapter search, fast forward, rewind, play/pause and volume up and down.

Available memory configurations are 512K, 1GB, 2GB or 4GB (2GB standard). MediaWrite™ does not recommend more than 2GB of memory because video length would exceed the typical 2 hour battery life.

Large Order Video Brochures

Large runs (50+), are printed with state-of-the-art CMYK Heidelberg presses, insuring the highest quality print available at the most affordable price. Enhance your printed video brochures by adding flood or spot UV, foil stamping, embossing or other special finishes.

What is the Minimum Order Size?

Our minimum order quantity of 3 can be custom printed and shipped in just 72 hours to anywhere in the US. We can also deliver custom printed video brochures overnight for an additional $150 expediting fee (limit 5).

Because MediaWrite, LLC designs and assembles video brochures here in the US, we can offer you unparalleled flexibility and pricing unavailable anywhere else. We even offer special cover materials (plastic, vinyl, etc.) for quantities starting at quantities of 25 or more units.

Leave an Impression

Our video brochures are the perfect leave-behind for busy decision makers. You know your video brochures will always reach their prospective destination without having to worry about whether they got tossed into the circular file!

Our custom video brochures can now be delivered and shipped in just 72 hours! Contact MediaWrite to learn more or Order Direct now.