File Upload Center

Welcome to's File Upload Center. This page allows you to upload your templates and video files as they are completed. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Important Sign In Instructions

You must sign in using your email and password (i.e. the order number from your emailed order receipt). Please contact us if you are unable to obtain your password or require further assistance.

Getting Your Files Ready

Graphics Files

Before uploading your print graphics files, please make sure the image(s) are flattened and that the die-line and bleed marks are hidden or removed. Also, be sure to include button graphics if you want button print on your video module portion of the brochure. Note: You can change the button graphics and their labels, but do not change the center points their left-to-right-order.

Video Files

MediaWrite™ allows for very fast uploading of both artwork and video files. If you're uploading video files, they will play back in alphabetic file name order (i.e. apple.mp4 plays before boy.mp4).

Locate a Video Partner

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