Video Partner Application

Kelly Services Video Brochure To become a MediaWrite Video Partner, you must first read and agree to the information and conditions below. MediaWrite, LLC also requires the following:

  • Submit the Video Partner Agreement form (below)
  • Submit by email link a minimum of 3 Videos representative of current work
  • Fax or Email your state's "Sales & Use Tax Certificate"
  • Purchase a minimum 100 piece video brochure order (to be included on or Video Partners Locater map)

NOTE: MediaWrite, LLC's minimum retail purchase for products and/or services is $150.00 (except for samples).

About MediaWrite, LLC

MediaWrite, LLC is an LCD video brochure and electronic media manufacturer and design firm located in SW Florida. MediaWrite also develops video brochure related mobile software with advanced functionality including Internet communications, trivia games, coupons, brochure tracking and more.

Assembled in the USA Disclaimer

Whenever possible, MediaWrite, LLC will print, die-cut and assemble its product lines here in the U.S.A. with globally imported components. When order quantities exceed production capabilities, when raw materials are unavailable or when custom video brochure orders require special expertise or equipment that MediaWrite does not posses, than manufacturing may be performed offshore.

MediaWrite, LLC will always disclose the country of origin for assembly with all orders. The country of origin is usually made verbally but may be implied by the production description, i.e, "U.S. Poly Print 7" Video Brochures".

Print & Die-cutting

MediaWrite owns and operates several high speed printers and digital presses with special scuff and moisture resistant inks including Latex, UV and toner. Our softcover Carolina card stock paper is duplexed to 34pt+ and yields a much higher brightness level compared to typical Chinese papers. Our hardcover brochures are precision made in the USA using semi-automatic case making equipment. In addition to our in-house printing equipment, MediaWrite owns and operates its own die-cutters, laminators, cutters, creasers and other equipment to insure quality and expedient delivery.

For very large orders, imported offset printed softcover/hardcover video brochures are available, but require an extra 10 - 20 days to manufacture and import. Regardless of origin, all MediaWrite™ Video Brochures are hand assembled and vigorously inspected.

Custom Brochures & Services

We highly recommend minimum 7" LCD screens to all of our customers due the ideal viewing angle and resolution based on a performance vs cost scale. We also offer 10", 5", 4.3" and 2.5" video brochures as well as custom built video brochures using custom die-cuts, papers, inks, UVs and other coatings.

MediaWrite Video Brochures can be bundled with our dynamic video QR codes that can be scanned directly from the VB display with a smartphone - allowing the viewer to instantaneously acquire the video while allowing the VB owner to capture valuable information about the user. This makes each MVB instantly trackable via automated emails.

MediaWrite's intelligent, dynamic and redirectable video QR codes can be offered to customers and allow additional revenue streams from memberships, mobile apps or even custom QR graphics.

About Partners/Value Added Resellers

Value Added Resellers always add some form of value to MediaWrite™ products and are encouraged to know and answer technical questions fielded from their customers. Examples include:

  • General video brochure specifications
  • Video loading procedures
  • Video aspect/resolution/format questions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Videography and post-production questions
  • Video brochure template & artwork questions

MediaWrite™ VARs benefit from being listed on our Video Partners Locator page but they must offer value added services such as video production, drone photography, software/QR code design, graphics design, or other special service that MediaWrite, LLC does not offer.

Pricing & Terms

MediaWrite's strict cost-plus pricing structure is based around POD manufacturing and does not allow for inflated retail prices to accommodate wholesale discounts. As a Reseller, you will benefit from the sales of VBs along with your own value added services, such as; video services, photography, graphic design, setup fees, consulting fees, marketing and consulting fees and other add-ins or services.

As a video partner, you agree to:

  1. NOT sell MediaWrite products in on-line auctions unless authorized by MediaWrite, LLC
  2. NOT disclose confidential information, source code or new product launches
  3. NOT attempt fabrication, alteration or duplication either directly or indirect of MediaWrite's video brochures, or share any of MediaWrite, LLC's trade secrets with customers, affiliates or suppliers
  4. NOT manufacture, purchase or resell competitive products without first notifying MediaWrite, LLC
  5. ALL of the above for a period of 2 years from the date of submitting this application unless a prior written notification is made to MediaWrite, LLC

Initial Purchase Requirements

As a MediaWrite™ Video Partner, your can sign in and download print templates, upload custom artwork, upload video and also order products on-line. MediaWrite™ Video Partners are required to purchase an initial of 5+ pieces of either 4.3", 5", 7" or 10" video brochures. Note:: MediaWrite, LLC provides technical support to VARs only and not their customers.

Reseller Benefits

Reseller benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Free IPS HD LCD displays (7" LCDs only)
  • Free video loading including 100mb+ ($1 each)
  • Free 2GB memory upgrade ($1 each, restrictions apply)
  • Free setup fees ($35)
  • Inclusion on MediaWrite's Video Partner Locator Map (see above)
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Free presentation quality bubble mailers
  • Expedited production services

Payment Methods

Because MediaWrite, LLC is a discount/wholesale manufacturer of video brochures and do not finance moneys, we do not offer credit terms to our partners, or Value Added Resellers, but offer the following payment options listed below:

This payment method... offers these advantages...
Credit card or debit card Convenient and secure (via phone)
Charge up to $10,000
MC, Visa, Amex and Discover cards accepted
*Small surcharge on amounts over $2,500
Company Check Convenient and secure
No dollar limit
No surcharge
Wire Transfer Convenient and secure
No dollar limit
No surcharge
Split Payment/Shipment Convenient and secure
For $2,500+ orders
Pay balance when shipped
No surcharge
Takes advantage of volume pricing
PayPal Convenient and secure
Amounts up to $5,000
Multiple currency
**Small surcharge
*A 1.5% fee will be automatically applied on credit card transactions over $5,000
**A 2.5% fee will be automatically applied on all PayPal transactions regardless of amount.

Partner Guidelines

Dividing territories (also known as market division) is an agreement by two companies to stay out of each other's way and reduce competition in the agreed-upon territories which MediaWrite, LLC does not encourage nor practice and will not allocate geographical market territories for. The FTC clearly states: "Plain agreements among competitors to divide sales territories or assign customers are almost always illegal".

MediaWrite generated leads may be awarded to partners only when deemed appropriate and is based on their history of service, geographical proximity to the customer, past sales performance or other factors. MediaWrite, LLC does not direct solicit to large corporations other than via its popular website. Therefore, reseller efforts resulting in direct orders to MediaWrite are not always known. When appropriate, MediaWrite may secure the order in behalf of the reseller but does not screen all incoming orders and does not insure compensation or obligations in any way to the originating reseller.

MediaWrite™ Resellers are required to submit the Video Partner Agreement Form (below) to acquire on-line wholesale pricing on orders of 5 - 50 units. Orders of 100+ are always considered wholesale and are available to everyone including corporations, organizations and typical consumers alike. Prices may vary depending on manufacturing (domestic or offshore), the current LCD/memory market (which fluctuates often), shipping & handling, video loading, product configuration, etc..

Once this application is submitted and accepted, we will provide you a user name and password to sign in. VIDEO PARTNER/RESELLERS MUST SUPPLY MEDIAWRITE, LLC WITH A COPY OF THEIR RESALE CERTIFICATE.

After submitting this application, you will be contacted by MediaWrite's sales manager to discuss your business and services, confirm contact information and to answer any questions. Finally, MediaWrite will arrange shipping and will require payment.

Video Partner Agreement Form

MediaWrite, LLC protects its customers privacy. By submitting this application you acknowledge the information above and agree to the conditions set forth. You also acknowledge and agree to the conditions of our warranty, return policy and shipping policy.


Sign In Information

A temporary password will be sent to resellers

Contact Information

By clicking the Submit button below, you agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement and to acknowledge the necessity to review this agreement from time to time for changes and/or additions necessary to comply legally, ethically and fairly.

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