Video Brochures for Company Profiles

Company Profile

Are you a high tech company? Are you looking to "show-off" your company's facilities, warehouses, production lines, staff or products and services? Our video brochures combine high quality video with your printed message in an easy to distribute package making them ideal for many different company uses. See our Top 10 Uses for video brochures page for some excellent ideas.

Show and Tell

Videos bring life to your presentations and capture the viewer's attention immediately. Video Brochures are interactive and fully engage your prospects the moment they're opened. There is simply no faster way to profile your company.

Video Does the Talking

Video brochures expedite the buying process and decision making compared to plain-old printed brochures. Companies can now share their profiles the best way possible and immediately. From consumers to corporations, videos speak a thousand words. Playback on our brochures is instant and does not require software to copy.

Some Example Uses

Ideal for showing:
  1. Production Facilities
  2. Distribution Facilities
  3. Driving Routes
  4. Company Bio
  5. Sales & Marketing Teams
  6. Financial Analysis
  7. Company Sales

If you or your customers are using our products in a new or unusual way, please contact us and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

Partners Wanted!

As technology improves with thinner displays and as prices drop, new ideas and applications will emerge. MediaWrite™ is looking for partners who see this and want to get in on the ground floor.

MediaWrite is excited to offer this new technology to new dealers with niche markets or ideas. You can Contact us now and learn how to get started, or if you've already viewed our website pages and are anxious to get started, complete our Dealer Application now.

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