LCD Video Brochures for Pageantry

The perfect portfolio!  They're open-and-play, rechargeable and rewritable, just like a thumb drive, and there's no internet ads or delay to ruin your presentation.

Video Brochure
Volume Down Volume Up Play/Pause Note: A minimum order of 5 brochures are required for custom printing.

Have an Idea?

If you or your customers are using our products in a new or unusual way, please contact us and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

Dealers Wanted

As technology improves with thinner displays, as prices drop, and as new ideas and applications surface, you will start seeing typical "printed brochures" slowly disappear from the landscape.

MediaWrite is excited to offer this new technology to new dealers with niche markets or ideas. You can Contact us and learn how to get started, or Partner with MediaWrite now.

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