LCD Video Brochures for Real Estate

A perfect real estate listing tool!  They're open-and-play, rechargeable and rewritable, just like a thumb drive! Show your real estate properties from the passenger's seat!

Video Brochure
Volume Down Volume Up Play/Pause MediaWrite™ 7" Custom Printed Video Brochure

Video Brochures for Real Estate

A Pre-listing Tool

Our video brochures can easily be mailed to your sellers as a pre-listing tool that will get their attention. It also assures you the opportunity to meet your seller when you make an appointment to pick up your video brochure.


Video brochures are great for showcasing commercial real estate, office buildings, new construction projects, architectural renderings, gated communities and luxury listings.

Agent Awards

Give your real estate agents the perfect award for sales or other goals. They're perfect for new listings, as pre-listing appointment mailers, as agent bios and more. You'll both win!

Franchise Opportunities

MediaWrite Video Brochures are an excellent way to showcase your company. They can be mailed anywhere in the country using low cost Priority Mail services (usually under $7 a piece).

Have you had success with your video brochures? If so, please contact us and let us know, we would love to hear!

For Distributors/Resellers

As technology improves with thinner displays, as prices drop, and as new ideas and applications surface, you will start seeing typical "printed brochures" slowly disappear from the landscape. Are you ready when your customers call?

MediaWrite is excited to offer this new technology to Distributors and Resellers with niche markets or ideas. You can Contact us and learn how to get started, or Partner with MediaWrite now.

Partner with MediaWrite™

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