How to Load and Charge an LCD Video Brochures

Your MediaWrite™ LCD Video Brochures come with their own cable used to simultaneously copy and charge itself. Contact MediaWrite or your reseller if you did not get a micro USB cable with your video brochure. The video below shows how to copy using Windows 7.

Video Brochure
Volume Down Volume Up Play/Pause Note: Your operating system may vary and your volume name may not be labeled as "MediaWrite".

Using a Mac or Other Device

Mac Finder

Mac computers use a similar technique to copy files. The Finder is the app that helps you navigate all of the files and folders on your Mac drives. The Finder lets you browse your disks, files, and folders in a variety of ways. You can use the Finder to drag your video files to your MediaWrite™ Video Brochure.

Both Windows Explorer and Mac Finder have similar user interfaces and methods for loading or copying video to your video brochures. The video tutorial above uses Windows 7.1 used for copying but you can just as easily copy files using newer operating systems for PCs or Macs. Click the Mac Finder icon on the right to learn how.

You can also use your tablet or other device if it has a USB 2.0 connector on it (most do) to copy or at minimum, to recharge your video brochure.

Video Information

For best results, always use the optimal resolution and aspect ratio for your video to get the best image quality and the fastest load times. Our brochures automatically scale the video based on actual pixel data. If your aspect ratio is not correct, i,e. 16:9, then you may end up with letterbox or stretched videos.

For our 10", 7" (800 x 450 pixels) and 4.3" (480 x 272 pixels) video brochures use a 16:9 aspect ratio. Full specifications are available here.

About Audio

In almost all cases it is best to render your video using mono audio settings. Video brochures typically have only one speaker due to their size. In some cases, audio will stutter during playback which is almost certainly caused by stereo settings. YOu can easily avoid this issue by outputting your video with mono audio settings.

Warning: Your video brochure's speakers are approximately 1.5 - 2 watts so for best results set your sequencer's audio's gain somewhere between -12dB to 0dB.

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