Video Brochure Pricing

All MediaWrite video brochures are shipped with USB charging/loading cables.

Step 1 - Choose a Video Brochure

Video Brochure100+50+25+10+5+In-stockShips In
2.4" Diagonal 256mb U.S. Video Biz Card$16.90$17.90NANANA5-10 days
5" Diagonal 512mb U.S. Video Brochure$34.90$41.90$44.90$0.00$0.001-3 days
7" Diagonal 512mb U.S. Video Brochure$39.90$46.90$49.90$63.90$74.901-3 days
7" Diagonal 2GB U.S. Video Brochure$41.90$48.90$51.90$65.90$76.901-3 days
10" Diagonal 2GB U.S. Video Brochure$53.90$64.90$68.90$79.90$95.901-3 days

Step 2 - Choose the Quantity

Quantity Info
  Call for 500+ Pricing Our minimum order quantity is 5 pieces. Please call MediaWrite for 1-piece production proofs or prototypes ($150 + S&H).

Step 3 - Choose a Cover

Style Add Description
Softcover 32pt. $0 Our U.S. assembled video brochures are manufactured using high quality 32pt (duplexed) Carolina C1S coated stock, the best quality brochures in the industry.
Hardcover 90pt. $6 Built with heavy 90 point chip board (U.S. version only) and laminated with a protective Karess™ Soft-touch film making them the most durable video brochures available.
Inside-cover Pocket $3 Add a full-size pocket to the inside left cover of your hardcover video brochures for holding important papers or sales collateral.
Business Card Holder $1 Add business card holders to the inside cover of your video brochures. This allows easy placement for company business cards. For standard 3.5" x 2" business cards.

Step 4 - Choose a Finish

Finish Add Description
Standard Coating $0 Softcovers are print on coated Carolina 15-16pt 96+ brightness paper. Hardcovers offer high quality prints using water and scuff resistant latex inks on durable 150gsm film.
Karess™ Film $2 Karess™ film is recommended for softcovers with dark, solid fill colors that are susceptible to light scratches. It also adds moisture and UV protection.
Gloss UV $2 Gloss film lamination offers additional scuff protection and is ideal for softcover video brochures with their smooth - coated finish (not recommended for hard covers).
Foil and Spot UV $3 Metallic inks (foil) and spot UV (patterned UV) add that WOW factor to your softcover brochures. Please indicate preference under your order comments (next page).
Note: A $35 setup is added to your order for films and for white ink.

Step 5 - Choose Additional Options

Loading & Other Services Add Description
I will load my own video $0 It's easy with the supplied USB loading/charging cable. It's as simple as dragging your video on to a USB thumb drive, no special software required.
Load my video for me (up to 256mb) $1 We will load your video up to 256mb for free. Enough capacity for several minutes of compressed MP4 (H.264 encoding) video.
Load my video for me (up to Maximum) $2 Our specially designed equipment and software can load your videos fast - resulting in huge labor savings over paying in-house employees.
Add Mail House Services $3 Save shipping costs with our direct mail options. Eliminate double handling and shipping costs by taking advantage of our UPS preferred rates. Learn more here.

Step 6 - Place Your Order

Note: Artwork is not required until after we process your order. This allows us to prioritize your order on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Price Each: $74.90

10" LCD video brochures require the $6 hardcover option. The 10" LCD screen size requires additional protection against flexing and cracking due to the overall increase in the LCD surface area.

Please call MediaWrite for custom build options and alternatives.

2.4" LCD video brochures are produced in our China factory with a high quality laminated soft-touch film. It is not necessary to add additional film or UV options to this style video brochure.

Please call MediaWrite for custom build options for this brochure.

Your selected video brochure does not support a business card holder. Video brochures must be large enough to support holders designed for standard business card sizes.

Please call MediaWrite for custom build options.

Your selected video brochure options are available as custom built video brochures produced in our China factory only.

Please call MediaWrite for more information about custom built and imported video brochures.

Softcover video brochures will not function properly when adding the weight and thickness of a pocket. Only hardcover video brochures support this option.

Please call MediaWrite for custom build options.

Your selected video brochure already includes a soft-touch film lamination and is printed with a scuff resistant ink at no additional cost. Additional finishes may be available for larger run sizes.

Please call MediaWrite for custom build options.

White ink is not an available for 2.4" softcover brochures or for hardcover brochures with wrapped edges that are not built with solid core colored paper (for which white ink is intended). Only Plike softcover stock requires this option.

Please call MediaWrite for custom build options.

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