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MediaWrite™ Video Brochure Panel
Volume Down Volume Up Play/Pause Note: Video Brochure buttons are included but not required for most applications.

What is a Video Brochure?

MediaWrite™ video brochures are hand-held, open-and-play printed video cards or LCD video books that play your message the instant they're opened. There's no Internet connections or Internet ads to muck up your presentation! View our video brochure gallery to see some examples.

Video Brochure for Electrolux Video Brochure Pricing

This exciting sales and marketing tool comes printed with your company graphics pre-loaded with your company video (or self load with included USB cable). They're an instant open-and-play video player and a perfect “hand-out” sales tool for government and corporate decision makers who are not allowed to accept gifts. Give your sales team a second chance at prospects with the best leave-behind and follow-up device ever created.

MediaWrite™ Video Brochures are ideal for B2B sales, product announcements, proposals, black-tie invitations, franchise marketing, real estate and so much more. They even have built-in JPEG slideshow support that plays MP3 background music. See our Top 10 Uses for more ideas.

How Do Video Brochures Play?

MediaWrite Video Brochures usually have a magnet embedded inside their front cover. When the LCD video brochure is opened, the magnetic switch connection is activated, instructing the video brochure to play any and all of its loaded content.

You install your video by simply dragging and dropping your files to the video folder using the supplied USB cable (which doubles as a charger). Please view our How to Load a Video Brochure page to learn more.

MediaWrite™ has a complete design and engineering team to help you with your special project. Call us for more information.

Video Brochure Benefits

The following tips are offered to show the many benefits video brochures offer for sales, philanthropy and other uses.
  1. They're company branding (therefore theft deterrent)
  2. Your video message is delivered instantaneously
  3. There's no on/off switches
  4. There's no Internet or WiFi connections
  5. Unlike tablets, sign-ins or user credentials are not required
  6. There's no on-line video ads to compete with

Video brochures can be operated by anyone, regardless of age or skill level. And your company can safely present ad free content - instantaneously.

View our FAQ page for answers on our most frequently asked technical support questions.

How to Purchase MediaWrite™ Video Brochures

You can order directly via our pricing page. We will contact you by phone to verify payment, discuss artwork, video brochure style, button and memory configuration and coatings/finishes. Once your artwork is submitted to us and digitally approved (download templates here), we will produce your order.

Video Brochure Specifications

Your video brochures can be ordered with either 4.3", 7" or 10" LCD screens and can also be custom die-cut. Buttons are standard but not required and may include chapter search, fast forward, rewind, play/pause and volume up and down. We also offer custom button configurations that can play predetermined videos with appropriately printed graphics.

Available memory configurations are 512mb, 1GB, 2GB or 4GB (2GB standard). Our LCD video brochures with 512mb of memory will normally play 20-30 minutes of video several times before requiring a charge.

Design, Print & Cut Options

  • Company graphics
  • Custom die-cut sizes and shapes
  • Custom boxes with foam inserts
  • Choose from 2.4" 4.3", 5", 7" or 10" LCD sizes
  • Custom button configuration
  • Memory configurations to 8GB
  • Spot UV, foil & custom die-cut/embossing
  • Video QRs for video sharing & custom web apps

Who is MediaWrite?

MediaWrite, LLC is the largest video brochure manufacturer in the US. Because we design, print, die-cut and assemble them here - we can get them to you much faster!

You can either purchase direct our through one of our authorized distributors/resellers.

Production & Fulfillment

  • U.S. production available
  • Heidelberg offset or digital printing
  • Video duplication & loading
  • Logistics & Fulfillment
  • Website plugins for resellers

Get More From MediaWrite™ Video Brochures

Make your video viral using our proprietary video QR code technology. The video on your brochures can be shared on social networks, geo-tracked and can even launch applications that deliver instant coupons, give-aways, custom apps and more - instantly!

Our MediaWrite™ Video Brochures can be custom print with your company logo and branding and shipped in 72 hours. Can't wait? Ask about our *24 hour Rush Service. Check out our Video Brochure Gallery for ideas. Contact MediaWrite today for more information.

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