Video Brochures for Products & Services

Product & Services

With MediaWrite™ Video Brochures, you can introduce your products & services to prospects and customers in a whole new way. Our custom video brochures are designed, printed, die-cut, finished and assembled right here in the USA and ready for your next new product or service launch.

Now you can combine high quality video plus your printed message in an easy-to-distribute package that can be easily opened & viewed. It immediately and affectively presents your message the moment it's opened.

New Products & Services Ideas

MediaWrite™ Video Brochures are the perfect sales tool for your next new product or service launch. Video brochures are extremely affective when used as:
  • B2B leave-behinds
  • Direct mailer pieces
  • Trade show hand-outs
  • Luxury catalogs
  • High-end product accompaniments
  • VIP mailers

High Tech Products & Services

For many industries, new product and service launches require multi-page printed brochures with illustrations and lengthy text that require too much time to absorb. Print-only brochures simply do not have the retention value nor the visual impact that video brochures do. Unlike typical printed brochures, MediaWrite™ Video Brochures instantly present your video message to your target audience the instant they're opened in a new, unique and exciting way.

Video expedites buying decisions substantially over just plain text and is why so many companies like YouTube and Vimeo thrive today. Unfortunately, these sites are not "ad free" and may even display competitors products and services. Video brochures eliminate this problem and also do not require WiFi, have slow Internet downloads or connection issues that might muck up your presentation.

If you or your customers are using our products in a new or unusual way, please contact us and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

For Distributors/Resellers

As technology improves with thinner displays, as prices drop, and as new ideas and applications surface, you will start seeing typical "printed brochures" slowly disappear from the landscape. Are you ready when your customers call?

MediaWrite is excited to offer this new technology to Distributors and Resellers with niche markets or ideas. Contact us and learn how to get started, or Partner with MediaWrite now.

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