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72 Hour Shipping Policy

MediaWrite, LLC can normally produce small orders of 5-50 U.S. manufactured video brochures (and sometimes more), within 72 hours of receiving camera-ready artwork, however, under certain circumstances this may not be possible.

MediaWrite always attempts to produce in-house orders as quickly as possible - at the highest level of quality. Advanced planning on your part is essential in assuring on-time delivery of your video brochures.

Some conditions that may prohibit 72 hour U.S. production time include:
  • Customer communication delays
  • Payment processing delays
  • Artwork creation/processing delays
  • Artwork errors and omissions
  • Incomplete customer specifications
  • Non-inventory of uncommon products/supplies
  • 1-up production shipping, proofing and approval
  • Prototyping
  • MediaWrite equipment malfunctions
  • Product rejection by Quality Control
  • Invalid customer ship-to addressing
  • Incomplete customer ship-to instructions
  • Shipping carrier pickup delays
  • Mail house services
Please note: Under no circumstance will MediaWrite, LLC be monetarily responsible for expedited shipping fees due to delays caused by the customer or by MediaWrite, LLC itself.

Offshore Production

MediaWrite, LLC can domestically produce approximately 2,500 video brochures a month with outstanding U.S. quality and fast delivery. In some cases, when very large orders are required and delivery time is not critical, you may be given the option to have them produced at our offshore factory.

We are always researching ways to produce, improve, and expedite production which insure more U.S. jobs, however, some high-end promotional gift boxes, POS displays or other low-demand items may require offshore production.

Why Logistics are Important

If you're tempted to purchase offshore video brochures directly, but you should first consider why our logistics team is so important and the risk factors associated with importing:

  1. Artwork translation errors that are commonly due to either communications and/or software translation and incompatibility.
  2. Wire transfers may be held up due to minor documentation omissions or company/bank spelling errors.
  3. Knowledge of international laws & documentation
  4. Overseas shipping documentation of electronic components (i.e, PCM LiPo batteries) and U.S. Customs laws and inevitable hold-ups and delays.
  5. Damaged and defective video brochure acknowledgment, credit and/or replacement.
  6. Electronic devices with lithium batteries are often detected by U.S. Customs and may be held up for several days or even weeks.
  7. Full knowledge of battery options, button and memory configurations, LCD resolutions, video formats, printing techniques and other technical information is a must.

Unforeseen Costs

In addition, be sure to calculate the following additional expenses:

  1. Wire fees
  2. Home land security fees
  3. Shipping Insurance
  4. Undisclosed (and often delayed) security fees and taxes

Custom Design and Delivery

A video brochure's die-cut design, order size, printing process, memory configuration and other important factors will dictate the amount of time required to get your video brochures from the U.S. or offshore.

Large run video brochures are almost always printed offshore on Heidelberg CMYK presses. Shorter runs are usually printed on large format, digital printers here in the US. If your run size is larger than 500 units, your order may need to be manufactured at our offshore factory and will require our logistics team to process.

The Logistics Process

Logistics involves more than just the integration of information flow. It requires bilingual communications, production and scheduling, adequate packaging, transportation and insurance of the video brochures. MediaWrite's logistic team takes the hassle out of dealing with Home Land Security and their associated fees, Customs applications, shipping carrier applications, wire fees and several other nuisances.

Lack of good logistics often results in communication issues that often raise your purchase costs due to factors including incorrectly shipped items, defective items, damaged goods, lost or fraudulent wire fee transaction numbers with Chinese banks, delays in processing, incorrect "ship to" destinations, lost shipments, homeland security issues and insufficient insurance coverage.

Why USA Production is Important

Short runs manufactured overseas will substantially raise your per unit cost from factors like wire fees, short press setups, air shipping, homeland security fees, communication delays, etc.. Purchasing our U.S. manufactured brochures (with global components) eliminates much of this overhead and also helps keep more jobs here in the U.S.A..

Although MediaWrite can produce large quantities here in the U.S., our current monthly output is limited to approximately 2,500 units for 4.3" and 7" Poly Prints (restrictions apply). Pricing for U.S. Poly Prints vs. similar offshore manufactured 500+ piece orders, will be quoted slightly higher due to U.S. labor costs. Offshore orders will also add 1-2 weeks to delivery.

Oversea orders of any size usually result in logistics problems, risks and delays. Common problems include lost wire fees, homeland security fees, high air freight and insurance costs, shipping damage, artwork translation errors, communications problems, and excessive delays. It's always best to use an experienced supplier in the U.S. like MediaWrie that has its own logistic team in place that can offer you peace of mind.

About Service

As new and exciting markets for video brochures emerge, it seems the need to get them faster increases. Everything from order entry to proofing artwork for die-cuts or configuring memory and LCD screens can all result in timely errors and costly mistakes. MediaWrite not only insures the fastest delivery, but also delivers the quality and service you and your customers should expect.

We provide our customers with superior quality and service while maintaining automated on-line ordering tools to keep costs down for complete order fulfillment. It is a key challenge we face every day and the primary reason our customers keep coming back.

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